My current work is part of the larger SportSense project. Our goal is to look at physical activity and sports as legitimate learning spaces. For more information, check out this site. I am doing different work accross finding needs of learners (see IDC WiP paper, interviews), to prototyping artifacts (WiP), to analyzing learning in context (), and ML solutions.

conducting interviews to understand children and coaches’ perceptions and interests in sports and technology.

the campamento:bit (ball, information, and technology) embedds cs artifacts in traditional sports camps to provide authentic learning expereinces with CS concepts and practices to student-athletes. selected publication

computational thinking and making
Investigating how student-atheltes engage with CT cornerstones during coding and making sessions.

Working with youth to co-design a sports wearable for athletic performance.

designing ML artifact for learning

Inactive projectse

online dissemination of science (themes: collective intelligence, machine learning, open science) who shares retrated scientific papers on twitter. paper.

large group deliberation (themes: network science, modeling and simulations) Simulated network structures for large group deliberation. paper

blockchains and governance (themes: decetralization, self-governance) more information here. paper