I am a third-year PhD student in Computer Science and Communication Studies at Northwestern University. My research focuses on understanding learning in complex spaces and designing technologies and experiences that support sports performance and learning. I work with Marcelo Worsley in the Technological Innovations for Inclusive Learning and Teaching tiilt lab. My community work focuses on spreading awareness about what computing technologies enable us to do and promoting critical thinking about their pitfalls and associated effects. Before entering Northwestern University, I earned a BS in Liberal Arts from the Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico and an MS in Information Science from the University of Pittsburgh. For more information click here to see my CV, or please send me an email at bodon[at]u.northwestern.edu.

Research interests: learning, ai, ml, inclusive technologies, hci, governance

Internship for 2023

I am seeking internship positions in either machine learning, data science, user experience research, or a combination for any quarter in 2023. Please contact me with opportunities at bodon[at]u.northwestern.edu.


*attended a ML Summer School at Oxford University
*poster presentation at IDC 2022 in Portugal
*completed CS qual. Special thanks to my committee: Nichole Pinkard, Josiah Hester, and Marcelo Worsley.
*WiP paper accepted into IDC 2022
*attended 2022 NSF PI meeting
*attended CHI 2022


Work in progress

  • interviews
  • making with student-athletes
  • co-design a wearable


  • Herminio Bodon, Vishesh Kumar, and Marcelo Worsley. 2022. Youth Experiences with Authentically Embedded Computer Science in Sport. In Interaction Design and Children (IDC ’22), June 27–30, 2022, Braga, Portugal. ACM. paper
  • Bodon, Herminio; Butler M; Kumar V; Worsley, M; Threads of Possibility: Diverse Youth Designers, Soft Robotics, and Sports Wearables. CHI 2022 Workshop on Actuated Materials and Soft Robotics Strategies for Human-Computer Interaction Design. 2022.
  • Abhari, R., Vincent, N., Dambanemuya, H. K., Bodon, H., & Horvát, E. Á. (2022). Twitter Engagement with Retracted Articles: Who, When, and How?. arXiv preprint arXiv:2203.04228.
  • Platt, Edward; Bodon, Herminio; Romero, Daniel. (2019). Harnessing Diversity in Large Groups: An Agent-Based Model. ACM CSCW 2019. paper
  • Bodon, Herminio; Bustamante, Pedro; Gomez, Marcela; Krishnamurthy, Prashant; et al. (2019). Ostrom amongst the Machines: Blockchain as a Knowledge Commons. Cosmos + Taxis in 2020. paper
  • Gomez, Marcela; Bustamante, Pedro; Weiss, Martin; Bodon, Herminio; et al. (2019). Is Blockchain the Next Step in the Evolution Chain of Brokers? TPRC47.
  • Sanchez, Chelsea; Franjione, Paige; Parker, Jalin; Brinner, Zachery; Bodon, Herminio; Bahm, Cristina. (2018). Understanding Landmarks in Spatial Information: Using Sentiment to Provide Context. iConference 2019. paper


*youth experiences with authentically embedded CS in sports spaces. Date: May 2022
*invited talk at the University of Puerto Rico on sports as a sustainable approach to CS ed. Date: May 2022

Awards & Fellowships

  • Statistical Award ($2,000) to attend ML Summer School, Northwestern University, 2022
  • Commonwealth Fellowship ($82,000/ 2 yrs), University of Pittsburgh, 2018-2020
  • GSPIA Merit Scholarship & Carl Ware Scholar ($26,000/ 1 yr), Graduate School of Public and International Affairs, 2019
  • SoNIC Fellow, Cornell University, 2019
  • Puerto Ricans National Youth Leadership Encuentro, Center for Puerto Rican Studies, 2019
  • Ford Foundation Sponsored attendance to 2019 Modeling the World’s Systems conference, 2019
  • i3 Fellowship, iSchool Inclusion Institute, 2018
  • BETA Scholar, Puerto Rico Education Council, 2017
  • HACU Sponsored Scholar to 31st HACU Annual Conference, Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities, 2017


My current work is part of the larger SportSense project. Our goal is to study physical activity and sports as learning spaces. For more information, check out this site. I am doing different work accross understanding how children learn CS concepts and practices critically, designing learning experiences, and designing AI artifacts to enhance learning in sports spaces.

Conducting interviews to understand children and coaches’ perceptions and interests in sports and technologies.

The campamento: bit (ball, information, and technology) embeds cs artifacts in traditional sports camps to provide authentic learning experiences with CS concepts and practices to student-athletes. selected publication

Investigating how student-athletes make artifacts for sports spaces and how they engage in conversations about technology’s effects on society.

Co-designing a sports wearable with youth for improving athletic performance.

Designing an ML artifact for improving complex social dynamics in sports spaces.

Inactive projects

Online dissemination of science (themes: collective intelligence, machine learning, open science) Most published research is wrong. This project looked at who shares retracted scientific papers on twitter. paper.

Large group deliberation (themes: network science, modeling, and simulations) is complicated for several reasons, including limited communication among members and hubs that greatly influence other members through their social capital and influence. We modeled and simulated network structures to overcome these issues by breaking down large groups and shuffling them periodically.

Blockchains and governance (themes: governance, institutions, technologies) Blockchains are widely promoted as decentralized technologies. We used governance frameworks from Ostrom and Hayek to analyze whether this is the case. See paper. For a more extensive project, see here.


I enjoy making computing accessible to all. I recently worked as a teaching assistant at the 2022 Ponce Hackaton, an intro to hackathons with novice programmers! Before Northwestern, I worked with youth to teach them about computing and computational thinking at the Grayson Center in the Hill District and taught tech skills to the elderly at Pittsburgh’s Community Engagement Center in Homewood.

Community Service

An essential aspect of my work is to partner with community organizations interested in cs education and to seek to adopt technology to improve their processes. I have current collaborations with excellent partners at Dev46 (a female academy in PR), Associasión Laurel Sur (a sports community center in PR), Pūʻōhala School (school in Hawaii), and Sprouting (a social venture creating bilingual CS content). I am working with them to provide data science, CS, and physical computing learning experiences and content available to low-resourced and indigenous communities. Previous work includes advising underrepresented students on computing careers through virtual and in-person interactions, visiting public schools to present the basics of cs, and assisting a medical facility in upgrading its electronic records system.


I was born and raised in southern Puerto Rico. I enjoy outdoor activities and sports. Currently spending most of my time between Chicago and Puerto Rico, and doing a lot of surfing and basketball. I learned many techniques from my mother, who taught special education.