I am deeply passionate about using computing to enhance learning and expand our abilities with the ultimate goal of empowering people. To achieve this goal, I am pursuing a PhD in the Technology and Social Behavior program, an interdisplinary joint program in Computer Science and Communication Studies. I am currently reaserching and designing innovative learning opportunities for students from marginalized communities. I work with Marcelo Worsley in the tiilt lab. Along with my research goals, it is to spread awareness about computing and assit people learn computational thinking and computer literacy. I earned a BS in Liberal Arts with a minor in Entrepreneurship from the Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico and an MS in Information Science from the University of Pittsburgh, where I was a Commonwealth Scholar. For more information click here to see my CV, or please send me an email at bodon[at]u.northwestern.edu.


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  • SportSense (themes: data science, physical computing, cognition, learning science): Investigating sports and physical education as a learning space for computer science. For more information, check out this site.


  • online dissemination of science (themes: collective intelligence, machine learning, open science) more information here.
  • large group deliberation (themes: network science, modeling and simulations) more information here.
  • blockchains and governance (themes: decetralization, self-governance) more information here.


I enjoy making computing accessible to all. Before Northwestern, I worked with youths to teach them about computing and computational thinking at the Grayson Center in the Hill District and taught tech skills to the elderly at the Pittsburgh’s Community Engagement Center in Homewood.

Community Service

An essential aspect of my work is to partner with community organizations interested in cs education and to seek to adopt technology to improve their processes. Some of my work includes advising underrepresented students on computing careers through virtual and in-person interactions, visiting public schools to present basics of cs, and assisting a medical facility in upgrading its electronic records system.


I was born and raised in southern Puerto Rico. I enjoy outdoor activities and sports. I learned many techniques from my mother, who taught special education.